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The Most Beautiful National Parks in India

India is a renowned tourist destination and becomes more beautiful as we move towards the summer season. Every year a large number of tourists from across the world come to India for a bit of tourism. Because of varied reasons like a luxury, adventure, historical sense etc. Royal Indian Tourism Organization has again come up with the list of the most beautiful national parks in India. Here is a brief description of the Indian parks that you should visit the next time you are in India.

Periyar Tiger Reserve- This famous tiger reserve is situated in Kerala and is very popular among locals households as well as foreign tourists. It is also well-known for its environmental worries that the wildlife in the reserve face from various dangers like poaching and environmental devastation. It should be noted that these animals are an endangered species and needs a special conservation programme to have their population highly preserved and protect it from extinction.

Kanha National Park- Located in the Banjar and Halon valleys of Madhya Pradesh it is considered to be the most important sanctuary in the region. The national park is home to the most endangered species of animals in the Indian wild as well as a large number of protected vegetations. An improved recreation area and pandering area is also being actively maintained in the park.

Bandhavgarh National Park- One of the biggest parks in India. Located in the Ashotage range of the hills, the park was founded in 1955 and is situated at a distance of ceases. The park is home to tigers, one-horned rhinos, horses, elephants and Indian wild dogs.

Ranthambore National Park- epitomized by the Bengal tiger, this park is the richest in terms of tiger reserves in India. category four and five-star hotels can be found here that’s why it ranks highly on the list of the best Tiger parks in India.

Panna National Park- established in 1955, the park was made in order to provide a natural, protected area for the animals. This park was also made in order to provide the animals with a place to live in peace and is also quite popular among tourists.

Jim Corbett National Park- This park was established in Bombay in the year 1955. The park was visited by the famous author of the movies, Ramakilviswami Plamoney.

Kaziranga National Park- situated in the most blessed natural region of the country, the park was established in the year 1871. The park is also famous for the big population of elephants and leopards. The park was made in order to provide a natural protected area for the animals. Apart from the animals, there are also many sages that can be found here.

Sariska National Park- situated in the most blessed natural region of the country, the park was established in the year 1171. The above-mentioned beauty of the park mainly consists of the impacts of deforestation.

In order to maintain and safeguard its rich flora and fauna, India has taken several measures for jungle conservation. Many initiatives have also been taken by the Indian Government for jungle conservation in the country. Among the most popular of the Indian Government’s steps to preserve the treasured jungle, etc is the creation of national parks and sanctuaries.

Jaldapara National Park- stood in the stampede description in the year 2009, this national park was included in the list of exceptional reserves of the country and also came under the Project Tiger. Hundreds of tourists come here to witness the wildlife in the park.

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